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Who can sell on Canarias Eco?

Canarias Eco is a marketplace for products and services that are eco-friendly and sustainable, a marketplace from and for the Canary Islands. So any sustainable brand located in the Canary Islands, whether it’s a small eco cosmetics manufacturer, a sustainable shop reselling eco products or a company offering a sustainable service, that feels their products or services fit this description, can join us! 

Every brand that wants to join us, needs to pass our sustainability check to be approved to sell on our marketplace.  

Does Canarias Eco charge any fees?

Joining Canarias Eco and listing your products and / or services is free, but we do offer memberships that include several promotional options and extra capabilities.

According to which membership you choose, the commission we charge per sale is different. Please visit our Plans for vendors section for more details.

When you start selling on Canarias Eco, you can decide if you’d like to participate in any of our extra services.

Can Canarias Eco help me get my shop online?

Of course we can! Due to several requests, we’ve developed an extra service to help vendors set up their shop in either Spanish or English or both. Here’s a small outline of the fees we charge for those services:

setup shop + up to 10 listings€45.00€40.00€35.00
translation shop description + up to 10 listings€45.00€40.00€35.00
listings (5, to be sent together)€17.50€15.00€12.50

If you’re interested in one of these services, please contact us via hola@canarias.eco.

Do I need a Stripe account?

Yes, we do ask that if you are going to sell with us that you have a Stripe account. If you don’t have one yet, no worries. To set it up is quick and easy, oh and free. Our goal is to add extra payment methods to our marketplace as soon as possible.

Can a client buy several products / services from a vendor at once? 

Yes, clients can buy multiple products and services, and not just from one brand, but from multiple vendors at the same time. Shipping costs from each brand will be added to a client’s order.

How do I categorise my listings?

First of all, we very much recommend adding as much info as possible in the description of each one of your listings, such as: materials & ingredients used; whether or not certified (Eco, Vegan, etc); how your product will be packaged for delivery; how will it be sent, delivery time,  etc.

We have provided a set of filters and your listings can be given several ones. On some of them, we thought it was important to elaborate a little bit more; you can find extra info in our section ‘Philosophy & Values’

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