Welcome to the new Canarias Eco


The past year and a half have been tough on all of us. Due to the pandemic, we’ve seen changes none of us might really have been ready for. Some changes we might not have liked that much, others were, in my humble opinion, for the better. 

The greatest loss that our islands could possibly suffer, I feel, is not the loss of tourists that came and visited us each year, but the lack of ambition to turn this crisis into the most amazing opportunity. That, to me, would be a potential gone unchecked, unharnessed. Because if we reframe how we see ‘loss’, we might actually take advantage of it.

Personally, after being an employee for more than 20 years in different sectors and several countries, at the end of 2019 I had just stepped into this world of entrepreneurship. Only a few months later, the world closed down. And being at home, I saw an opportunity. An opportunity not just to launch a new project of mine, no, this marketplace means a lot more than that. It was and still is an opportunity to give back to these islands that have treated me so well for the past 10 years; an opportunity to support all those local sustainable businesses that are doing amazing work on a daily basis; an opportunity to show all those that visit us and those that live here, how many awesome entrepreneurs we have and who are working hard to make a real difference.

I am confident that, slowly but surely, Canarias Eco will grow. We’re in the very first stages, and even though this new version is quite a huge step forward from the very first one we launched, I know we still have a long way to go. There are so many ideas we still have, and I see only potential, not just for Canarias Eco, but also for all of you, the brands that are part of this project and the people that buy from those very brands. And we definitely see potential for the Canary Islands. Canarias Eco is our contribution to put the Islands on the map as a sustainable destination, and I repeat, not just for those that visit us, but most definitely also for all of us who live here!

So please, join us in making this happen!

And if you already did, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve made the right choice to be here!

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