Who we are

Canarias Eco was created by Slow & Co to connect sustainable brands of the Canary Islands with consumers and vice versa. It’s a place to sell & buy all kinds of products and services that have a positive and real impact on our planet.

We want to support local sustainable entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to present their offer to a wider audience. At the same time, we aim to promote responsible consumption and show everyone that this sustainable transformation is a lot easier than it might seem at first. Canarias Eco helps consumers make their routines more eco-friendly by offering easy access to sustainable Canarian products and services.

So who started Slow & Co?

That would be me, Kim! I was born and raised in Belgium and arrived in Tenerife in 2010 because of a job. After having worked in what I now call the corporate world for seven years, and being a mum to a wonderful 2 year old boy, I lost my husband to cancer in 2017 and that changed my entire life around.

I decided to adopt a sustainable vegan lifestyle, and in line with my newfound way of living, I started my journey as a sustainable entrepreneur in 2019 with one very clear mission: help the Canary Islands to become more sustainable! I have always felt very welcome here, and now, it’s my turn to give back.

To achieve that, I’ve founded Slow & Co, a Sustainable Connector Company that helps companies to connect and obtain a sustainable growth.. The creation of Canarias Eco fits that mission perfectly, and I truly hope you join me on this journey!

Join us!

Interested in collaborating with Slow & Co? Book a Free Connection Call with Kim, our founder here!


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