Philosophy & Values

At Canarias Eco we strongly believe that if we all do a little bit, we can make a big difference. So we applaud every small step taken, and are all about positive reinforcement. We very much want to accompany anyone on this path of trying to live more sustainably, by offering a space where you can find sustainable products and services from local brands! We definitely do this to give back to and support our lovely Canary Islands!

Sustainability Criteria

The general definition of sustainability tends to be that we can meet our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, care of the environment and social welfare!

We subscribe to this definition completely and have based our sustainability criteria on it. To make it more clear to all of you browsing our Canarian marketplace, we thought it’d be helpful to explain how our brands meet several sustainability criteria.

  • 100% Canarian: This is a product or service designed and manufactured on one of the islands! Even though the raw materials might be imported (we are islands after all…), we do consider a product to be 100% Canarian if it’s been produced here.
  • Eco: This filter is used for products and services that have a Bio or Eco seal. There might be more ecological products on the marketplace, but we do ask our sellers to only mark this filter when they have an official seal.
  • Plastic Free: We should probably call the category ‘single use plastic free’ as it refers to products and services that will help you reduce your consumption of single use plastic. And this isn’t just about the product or service, it is definitely about the packaging of the product and how it’s sent to you as well.
  • Recycled / Upcycled: Products and services that use reclaimed materials; or when objects are applied to create new products.
  • Cruelty Free: Another word would be vegan. This category is for products with no ingredients of animal origin nor were they tested on animals.
    Responsible Forestry: products that come from or are made with certified or recycled wood / paper.

Little tip

Did you know you can browse the listings offered on Canarias Eco by impact?

Sustainability, not a trend!

And last but not least, sustainability for us, is not some sort of trend. We take it very seriously! It’s not even just a business model for us, since we apply the same criteria throughout all areas of the company and even our lives.

Curious about what we do to be as sustainable as possible? Here goes

  • Our electricity is generated from renewable sources via local supplier Disa.
  • For our business cards, we use seed paper from Spanish supplier Sheedo. We do not print flyers and try and use as little paper as possible. If we do, apart from the seed paper, it’ll be recycled paper.
  • Our websites are hosted at GreenGeeks European servers, a hosting company that offsets their carbon footprint and uses renewable energy for their servers.
  • We buy and hire local sustainable companies when it comes to our own supplies. For instance, we work with Talkale to manage our social media and develop this marketplace; we’ve worked with local brands Canarias Blue and Agüita for merchandising; etc.
  • Instead of Google, we use Ecosia as our default search engine so our online searches make sure extra trees get planted!
  • Whenever we take a flight between islands, we use Flygrn to offset our carbon footprint. And we’re looking into doing the same for our car and boat journeys as well! We’ll keep you posted on that one!

And also in private, we love to enjoy ecologically and locally produced products whenever possible, whether it’s for our food, our cosmetics, our clothing, our household, and so on.

Open to suggestions

We’ve compiled this entire section to the best of our knowledge and beliefs. But since this is a learning process for absolutely everyone, we are always open to suggestions and definitely welcome constructive comments. So feel free to contact us if you feel like we can do better!

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